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The Robin Trower Band Gallery: I’ve had to move pictures of Robin and the band to a new page just because there are so darn many of them. Click on the picture below to get there.

Robin Trower © Angie Thompson 2009


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Silverhead: Be sure to check out the Official Silverhead Facebook page! I’m always on the lookout for pictures, articles, memorabillia, ect. If you have such items, get in touch with me and I will feature it here on the website.


Jorgen Angel has a marvelous collection of photographs from the 60’s and 70’s. He has graciously allowed me to post some promotional photos of  Silverhead. You must check his work with many of the iconic bands and performers from this era.

Pete Thompson, drums - Silverhead by © Jorgen Angel
Pete Thompson, drums - Silverhead by  © Jorgen Angel

Silverhead was a great band and great guys.”

Jorgen Angel


Fin Costello is another much lauded photographer from the golden age of Rock. His Silverhead photos can be found at musicpictures.com , one of the better sites for Rock Photography on the web.

Matthew Goldsbrough is from the UK and has many photos of Robin Trower at his site. Thanks for the support Matthew!

Pete Thompson by ©  Matt Goldsbrough

Neil Calandra is a great photographer in the US. He’s done several promotional pics for me and Robin Trower, as well as many other musicians. Thanks for everything, Neil!

Pete Thompson  ©Neil Calandra 2008


Here’s some of me when I was with Pete Haycock’s Climax.

Pete Thompson, drums - Pete Haycock's Climax
Pete Thompson, drums-Pete Haycock's Climax
Pete Thompson and Buddy Whittington  ©Angie Thompson 2008

Here’s a couple of mobile phone pics of me jamming with the great Buddy Whittington at The Point in Texas

Abbey Road Studios 1972

Pete Thompson @ The Point  ©Angie Thompson 2008
Pete Thompson @ Abbey Road ©Pete Thompson Private Collection
Pete Thompson, drums ©Angie Thompson 2009

Watch this space for more photos soon!

Pete Thompson, drums-Pete Haycock's Climax
Pete Thompson, drums ©Angie Thompson 2009

Dallas House of Blues 2009

Wow, have I really changed that much?

Pete Thompson www,scottpaulone.com
Pete Thompson. Drums ©Angie Thompson 2008

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