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For the Gearheads

Sonar, DW,  and Tempus Drums

I use 2 setups depending on where I am in the world. Here are the specs for all you gearheads out there. All my kits have Evans coated heads. On the snare drum I use a 32 strand snare and a ST Dry head. It’s strong and sounds great. The toms and kick have G2 heads. My sticks are Vic Firth 5AN.  I use a mix of Zildjian and Paiste cymbals. The high hats are 14” Paiste Rude or 14” Signature Sound Edge. My Tempus snare is a 14x6.5 Red Sparkle Carbon Fiber beauty. I have it tuned fairly tight for that resonant crack and I get just the right response when I play a bit quieter.  This snare has it all.

The UK and European Touring Kit

22x20 Sonor Kick

12x10 Tom

14x16 Floor Tom

16x18 Floor Tom

14x8 Snakeskin Pearl Snare

14x6 Tempus Carbon Fiber Snare

Premier pedal

Sonor stands and high hat

The USA Touring Kit

22x20 DW Kick

10x8 Tom

12x10 Tom

14x16 Floor Tom

16x18 Floor Tom

14x5.5 DW Snare

Pearl, Ludwig, and Tempus Snares in reserve

Mixed Stands, DW 7000 pedal

Photo credits go to Neil Calandra for the DW Kit in the upper right corner. Angie Thompson for the rest.

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